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01 Jul 2007

Alex Calise is fast becoming a household name. As one news item follows another the admiration for this bright young talent grows. One visit to her web site or one of her myspace pages will confirm this. In less than one year she has amassed an enormous fan base, stretching from one side of the globe to the other.

Speaking about her busy times Ms Calise says:

“Most recently, my album was licensed to MTV for use on the show “Next” and several of the network’s other reality programs, I’ll also be making the big move to LA next month, where I will be playing a whole bunch of label showcases and doing some more recording with my producer, Luigie Gonzalez. In August, I’ll be playing a huge Bon Jovi charity show in New Jersey with a group of supremely talented performance arts high school students. Thanks very much for your support!”

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