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01 Jun 2007

Gabriel Black, resident of San Jose, creates the kind of groovy deep house that makes us think of moonlight raves and other sorts of nostalgic, dreamy things. Black’s EIGHT-TRACKS debut is a gorgeous and floaty affair complete with warm key pads and an ear-tugging guitar riff. As pretty as this track can be it’s also tough on the dancefloor … some crafty percussion bits make sure of that. We knew this cut was special at first listen and are still thrilled by it to this day. Have a listen for yourself!

Expanding on different shades of the melody are Eighth Dimension remixers Giom and Q-Burns Abstract Message. Giom hits us with a superstar effort that has been infecting many dancefloors across the globe on super-limited DJ test pressings. Giom is the man of the moment and this mix shows why: chunky, funky, and groovy in all the right places. It twists and blends Gabriel Black’s original into a peak-time builder. Q-Burns Abstract Message goes a bit in the other direction, opting for deep house with a capital ‘DEEP’. A driving, bass-heavy mix filled with psychedelic touches shows Q-BAM at his snazziest. Have a listen here!

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