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Just Try Love Again! An inviting new single from STANDAARD!
15 Jun 2019

Are you all ready? Ready for one of the FUNKIEST things you’ll ever hear?!

That bass, those synths, that piano carrying the melody, that beat, that amazing vocal synergy! This is infectious in the best way and will pull you onto the dancefloor! STANDAARD’s signature sound have managed to pull it off again! So while you’re trying love again, try this sweet Euro sound again at the same time! However, despite the nice things we’re saying, we do have a complaint- this song is so ridiculously catchy that this article writer found himself snapping along to it instead of doing his work! Very inconvenient.

The single dropped just a few days ago and it’s already one of the best songs we’ve heard this summer. And it has the aesthetic down-pat, baby! It’s perfect for summer. It’s that distinct vibe that makes you think of colourful and funky sunset parties by the beach or the poolside. Inspired by artists such as Parcels, Jamiroquai, and Daft Punk, STANDAARD is a musical duo that has a deep appreciation of the modern world’s answer to funky beats, as you can hear just from this single! Need more? Here’s STANDAARD’s spotify! What about their social media? Got you covered, here’s their Facebook! And fret not, more is on the way- you see that picture in the thumbnail of this article? That’s the one and only album cover for the up and coming STANDAARD album, simply titled STANDAARD! But is there anything else that’s available RIGHT NOW? Please. As if there wouldn’t be! You can’t think STANDAARD without thinking of “De Zomer Is Van Ons”, and the stats prove it- it has hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, baby!

STANDAARD is the perfect artist for chilling, excitement, and everything in between. And there’s a reason that Just Try Love Again is their artist’s pick on Spotify! It’s criminally underrated so blast it from your speakers and feel that summery sea breeze embrace you! Europe has some amazing party bops and it’s clear that STANDAARD are no exception when it comes to quality! Party on!

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