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K1 Shah documentary in Post-Production!
09 Nov 2012

Blue Pie hip-hop artist K1 Shah has started to reach new heights on YouTube! His channel hosts seven original videos which have collectively pulled over half a million views!


Over the years, K1 Shah has released album “Black Rose”, EP-“Messed Up World”, and single “My Flow”, which all lyrically display the deep raw emotion of his own personal experiences, showing a sense of vulnerability, but also a real admirable strength.

A documentary about K1’s life is currently in production which focuses on his life and his travels to Australia from Persia. It will provide an insight into the struggles that K1 has been through on his amazing journey and highlight how he uses music to reflect on not only his personal experiences but also on world issues.

K1 also recently completed his tour with Flamenco guitarist virtuoso Faramarz Aslani who he supported in concerts in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The shows were a great success thanks to the strong relationship between the pair and their musical collaborations which entertained large crowds across the country.

Be sure to check out K1’s Official Website for more information and updates!

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