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K1 Shah reaches over 100,000 views on You Tube!
29 Jun 2012

For those who like to bop along to the blasting beats of hip-hop, K1 Shah is one artist that should definitely be added to your playlist (if he hasn’t been added already!).

Over the years, K1 Shah has released album “Black Rose”, EP-“Messed Up World”, and single “My Flow”, which all lyrically display the deep raw emotion of his own personal experiences, showing a sense of vulnerability, but also a real admirable strength.

We are very proud of K1’s success with his tracks “Silent Screams” reaching over 100,000 views on You Tube and “My Flow” rising to over 60,000 views.

Not only that, but he has received plenty of positive feedback for his music! Fans around the world are captivated by his message.

A You Tube comment describes K1 as “so emotional when he is rapping!!!!!! This dude is not just spitting rhymes…he means every word he raps about, that’s why I rate him tops!!!”

Make sure you check out these videos on You Tube!

Video for “My Flow”

Video for “Silent Screams”

To purchase his music, visit iTunes.

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