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K1 Shah, rising to 500,000 views on YouTube!
28 Sep 2012

Blue Pie Hip-Hop artist, K1 Shah, has been blowing up on YouTube! His channel hosts seven original videos which have collectively pulled almost half a million views!

Over the years, K1 Shah has released album “Black Rose”, EP-“Messed Up World”, and single “My Flow”, which all lyrically display the deep raw emotion of his own personal experiences, showing a sense of vulnerability, but also a real admirable strength.

Not only that, but he has received plenty of positive feedback for his music! Fans around the world are captivated by his message.

A YouTube comment describes K1 as “so emotional when he is rapping!!!!!! This dude is not just spitting rhymes…he means every word he raps about, that’s why I rate him tops!!!”

For more information on K1 Shah, check out his Official Website and YouTube page.

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