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Kama Linden Gets A Rave Review For Her ‘Southern Comfort’
14 Jun 2013

Our talented musician, Kama Lindell, has recently received a great review from music blogger, jpdeuce73, for her latest album “Southern Comfort”.

The blogger, who is already a fan of Kama’s previous work, gave in-depth praise on the effort and talent that Kama put into her recent album, “Southern Comfort combines all the elements that make Kama great at what she does: catchy songs and infectious melodies, plus her sassy attitude is all over the album. It’s not what one would consider old school country, but more modern country that has that pop feel to it. I think the opening track “Make Room For Mama” sets the tone for what can be expected on the album. This one is a toe tapper and it is sassy and I love that Kama’s personality seems to shine on this one. For the most part, the album is very upbeat and so infectious that you can’t help but to tap your toes.”

The reviewer was so impressed with the album that it wouldn’t surprise her if Kama’s album puts her in the spotlight with the mainstream music industry, “I think this is probably the most solid album that she has delivered to date. Kama seems focused and determined this time around more than ever…The album definitely packs more substance to it than a good part of what’s on Top 40 radio right now. Do yourself a favor, you need to give this Kama Linden a listen and Southern Comfort would be a great introduction to the world of this super talented artist”.

The conclusion says it all, Kama’s hard work is paying off, as she’s making her way in the music industry. We couldn’t be more proud Kama!

To see what the fuss is about, you can check out previews of Kama’s new album here. You can also read the full review of Kama’s new album “Southern Comfort” by clicking here. For the latest news on Kama Lindell, check out her official website at

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