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Kama Linden releases her new single 'Better Late Than Never'
22 Jun 2012

Look out Gwen Stefani- you have a rival on your hands! Kama Linden is an exciting new pop rock artist who blends quirky lyrics and harmonies with soft rock to produce a truly unique sound. At Blue Pie, we are very excited to announce her latest single ‘Better Late Than Never’ has been released!

The track is a catchy tune about a woman’s journey and race against the clock and is now available to purchase on iTunes.

Kama represents a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to be her own person, which is expressed beautifully through her gutsy lyrics. Her strength of character comes from surviving love and loss, and this theme is carried in the other songs on her album, from failed relationships- ‘Been There, Done That’ to the more upbeat ‘Happy Girl’.

Kama’s unique personality and unmanufactured sound make her a compelling singer/songwriter.

Check it out today and let us know your thoughts.

For more information, visit her website or listen to her music on Air Play Direct.

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