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Kara Mack is working hard to make a difference
21 Dec 2015

Our very own Kara Mack is the founder and creator of the foundation AIA (Africa in America) which focuses on seeing more of the beauty of African Diasporic music and dance on screen here in America.

She has recently announced to all of her subscribers and followers that she is taking her journey back to Africa very soon in an endeavor to now document her experiences for TV and film. To make the best out of this opportunity her goal is to raise $1000 by December 29th, and she can only do this with your help. If you would like to help bring the beauty of African music and dance into America, please help to spread the word.

To find more about Kara Mack’s foundation and mission, along with her music and upcoming news follow her on the links below:

Official links –

AIA Website :
YouTube :
ITunes :
Facebook :

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