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Kay L expanding his influence and still pumping the hits out!
26 May 2020

Over on Kay L’s Facebook, there have been a few interesting updates as of late!

Firstly was this sick freestyle cover, giving us a little more Kay L to scratch our itch in between releases! Since we’re so nice, we’ll let you in on the fun too 😉

But soon after that was some excellent news – the world is getting more of Kay L, in particular “Wish They Would“! Africa joins the party!

Fantastic stuff all around, but when’s the new album?!

Yeah, uh… about that.

Oh yes. Yes yes yes, colour us hyped. New Kay L single next week! Just what we needed. Can’t wait to see whatever the man comes out with hit his top five on Spotify like THAT! Watch that space below!

Of course we’ll reporting on the new music when it drops, whether it’s a single, an album, or whatever. Look forward to it! And if you wanna keep your ear to the ground on this, we have just the social media accounts for you to turn to.

Kay L’s Facebook can be found HERE:

And his account can be found here!

Speaking of Facebook, check out this vid from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me!

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