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Kay L takes home the Rap/Hip Hop recording of the year at the YYC Music Awards!
04 Oct 2016

DJ Central and the WON Agency’s Kay L has taken out the Rap/ Hip Hop recording of the year at the 2016 YYC Music awards for his hit song ‘Raindrops’.

Hosting its inaugural event at Studio Bell in the National Music Centre on Sunday the 25th of September, The YYC Music Awards celebrates the wide range of musical talent in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Founded by music veterans Darren Gilbert, Shannon Ambrose & Leanne Harrison, the focus is on artists that embrace Calgary through entertainment and who support the city’s art and culture.

Raised in the 5th District of Calgary’s North East Quadrant, Kay L opened the award ceremony with a live performance of ‘Raindrops’, intoxicating the audience with his deep, meaningful and catchy lyrics. His performance alone was deserving of winning the award, however credit must also be given to the other Rap/ Hip Hop finalists including CLOUDE, Midwest Mindset and Zach Taylor. Kay L’s other hit ‘Retired Super Heroes’ was also shortlisted for the award however it was ‘Raindrops’ that took it out.

DJ Central TV would like to send their congratulations to Kay L for such an amazing achievement.

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