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Keep your eyes and ears open for Isaac Roosevelt!
16 Apr 2014

Versatile performer of a special of kind with a huge vocal range and versatile style, Isaac Roosevelt is a very strong up and coming artist to keep your eyes on. The talent from the third season of The Voice Of Germany has always repeatedl y demonstrated that hard work brings great results, his vocal range is huge, his voice is soulful , funky gentle and groovy and finally his stage presence simply unique. From young to old , he touches everyone through his refreshing , loose and motivating talent.

In August 2013, Isaac received the VDM Award for over 2.35 million clicks on YouTube. He has also made great success through radio aurplay with his 2011 song “Your Love Is” being rotated by several radio playlists and his most current single “Lost In A Mad World” ranking 8th place on the Eldoradio Charts Luxemburg as well as chart positions in Germany.

Isaac is also making waves online with his Facebook page now attracting over 120,000 likes and his latest single “Lost In A Mad World” with Pamela Falcon hitting over 36,000 views on YouTube.

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