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Keith Hines New Single ‘Goodbye My Love’
24 Jun 2013

Reggae sensation Keith Hines turns up the emotion and passion with his latest single ‘Goodbye My Love’. The catchy upbeat track makes it difficult to remember the message of what the song is really about. ‘Goodbye My Love’ is about love, heart-break and how love is blind and unpredictable.

‘Goodbye My Love’ captures love in a wicked way as well as a guy’s love for a women “I would give you the stars go through the stormy weather, just to see you smile” – Keith Hines. But at the end, the girl he loves breaks his heart, and he is moving on with his life by finally saying good bye “She told me we couldn’t be together. You like older guys who could treat you with style and do fancy things for you. Goodbye my love”. It’s time to rise up from my sleep, goodbye my love” – Keith Hines. ‘Goodbye My Love’ comes in a dance and reggae mix. It’s a track everyone would love and dance to, due to its outrageous beats.

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