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Kenny K’ore is back with his impressive new album ‘Eledumare Classic’
25 Jun 2013

Respected gospel singer and songwriter Kenny K’ore takes on the world with new album ‘Eledumare Classic’. ‘Eledumare Classic’ is an uplifting album with eighteen epic tracks such as ‘Ordinary Man’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Abeemo’, ‘Psalm 32’, ‘Skit’ and more. As a gifted and versatile songwriter, Kenny mainly bases his songs about the faith in our lives.


With two tracks already becoming big hits (‘Yanibo’ and ‘Somore’), Kenny’s album has already spread like wildfire in many people’s hands and is already rapidly increasing his popularity in Nigeria, especially among the youths. Adding a touch of jazz, soul and even classical elements to his gospel music, it’s hard not to raise your arms and rejoice to the magnificent pieces that Kenny presents in this album. With other music projects in place, this album is just the beginning of a musical legacy that Kenny will leave in our lifetimes.

Kenny K’ore’s album ‘Eledumare Classic’ is now available through many digital retailers, including iTunes.

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