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Kevin Dippold joins the Blue Pie label!
23 May 2014

Blue Pie is thrilled to announce that renowned music producer and musician, Kevin Dippold, has joined the Blue Pie label team!

Kevin Dippold is a weapon in the music industry with an extensive skill set he has gained from over ten years of experience in the music industry, which includes songwriting, engineering and mixing. Kevin Dippold always had an interest in music since he first played the trumpet during his elementary years. He then learned to play the guitar in middle school and played in bands throughout his teens and twenties, in particular, a band called Wallace’s Line.

His interest and hobby for music developed into a passion as Kevin branched out in to music production. Since then, he has produced independent records for Jason Quicksall, Mark Rudd, Bexley, and has played with The Seeds and Spirits in The Sky. As Kevin gained his skills, he had the lucky opportunity to work with several famous music artists including Smashing Pumpkins, Ziggy Marley, and Jessica Simpson.

Aside from the music scene, Kevin has also worked on a number of feature films as a composer, mixer, editor, and sound designer. In 2009, Kevin Dippold received the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Award for his mixing work on The Smashing Pumpkins film, If All Goes Wrong. Along with their film, Kevin has worked on many projects for the Smashing Pumpkins, including their mixes for Guitar Hero, mixes of their 20th anniversary tour shows, and their 2012 album Oceania. In 2013, Kevin completed the scoring and mixing of a TV show for NBC Sports called “Nock Out”.

On top of producing and mixing music tracks, Kevin also continued to pursue his passion for music by writing and recording his own original material. When it comes to music, Kevin has found inspiration from many different music genres, as Kevin states:

“I’ve been inspired by many artists from the ’60s and ’70s rock and jazz genres, as well as Bach and Beethoven. Eastern music has also inspired me because it addresses universal consciousness and enlightenment through sound. I have always made an attempt to put some of those elements in my music. I was stimulated by the idea of cosmic order and energy and was trying to express that understanding in my music. What I’ve learned about the cosmos through Falun Gong changed my thought process greatly.”

A number of Kevin’s tracks from his albums have been licensed for usage in advertising.  In addition to his own music, Kevin also now provides production and mixing services to a number of clients from his personal studio. Some of the artists that Kevin has collaborated and worked with in either a recording or production include: Sarah Kate, Beck Black, Vice Roy Bill and Michael Jameson. The team here at Blue Pie look forward to working and collaborating with Kevin Dippold in producing and releasing great tracks worldwide.

For more information on Kevin Dippold, visit his official website here. 

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