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Kevin Gullickson has released a new video for his latest track, Light
27 Jun 2014

As a part of Gullicksons’ new music project, Radio Drive, he has released an outstanding new video for the latest single, Light.

The video is as dreamy as the track, focusing on how light can convey unique story lines to match is music practice. Gullickson has created an atmospheric piece of work that is inviting and a delight to watch. Focusing on the symbols of light he creates dramatic and dreamy music to enhance this motif.

The slow pace of the song is whimsical and soft. The hypnotic vocals create a mesmerising sound space where the audience looses themselves mongst the beauty conveyed in both the video and music. The dramatic chorus emphasise the recurring motif of light throughout the track. With dramatic imagery and whimsical sounds, the video is invigorating and captivating. Montages of lights are displayed throughout the video, focusing on all different aspects of light, and how they can illuminate ones soul. The video conveys the power of light invading all forms of darkness.

Check it out

For more, head over to his RebverbNation page

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