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Kim Bennett's new album " Time Like This " is out now on Blue Pie for the world !
02 May 2012

Kim Bennett has been an influential member to the music scene since the late 1970’s, where he began working with Midwestern rock bands. Since then he spent a number of years building his career in both New York and Los Angeles, in which he spent his time focusing on recording while sending demo tapes to a number of labels and publishing companies throughout the states.


In 2000 Bennett released an Indie instrumental album titled “Moving Parts”, which received a substantial number of favorable reviews and national radio play on the US College Radio.

His success on the scene has only developed as time as passed, his latest album “Time Like This”, also having received a considerable amount of interest,  it having appeared on over 200 Itunes Playlist among a number of many other notable major music acts. The album, released through Blue Pie Records, and mixed by multi-platinum engineer Ken Paulakovich, who has worked with artists such as The Offspring, Billy Idol, Simple Minds and the Pointer Sisters, has been described as being of the layered Acoustic genre, complete with Rock Instrumentals.

We’re looking forward to continue working with Bennett in the future and generating great license sales of this very cool album. Check out his work and head on over to his iTunes page.

Kim Bennet is a Blue Pie artist and distributed by Blue Pie for the world. For more information on license sales of this great album email 

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