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Klassified's release "The Big Mac Song" ensures we'll all be eating fast food for dinner!
02 May 2012

We’ve all heard over and over again about how bad eating excessive amounts of McDonalds is for you. Klassified’s “ The Big Mac Song” on the other hand might just have the ability to sate those naughty cravings we all have from time to time, and it comes at only the click to a webpage, and the press of a button.


We know this one’s a bit of an oldie – but despite that, it never ceases to put a smile on our faces here in the Blue Pie office. It may also inspire a quick run to the McDonalds drive thru (on the bosses orders of course) but hey, we’re only human here after all – and Klassified makes a pretty good case.

So for everyone out there who hasn’t heard of “The Big Mac Song” make sure you check it out on iTunes – just make sure you prepare yourself for a laugh, and maybe eat before hand or risk attempting to avoid some pretty serious Mac cravings.


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