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Konqistador releases album "Suada" after six years in the waiting!
22 May 2012

Blue Pie are very proud to announce the release of “Suada”, the newest release by electronic/world band Konqistador.

“Suada” is an eleven track album, featuring titles such as “Albastru”, “Rafqa” and “From The Ruins”,  that was created over the span of six years, across four continents, six studios and with the help from over twenty different collaborators.

Knowing for being particularly fearless and unflinching, the new album collects a gathering of medieval and glowering tracks recorded in countries from Melbourne, Australia, to Detroit in the U.S.A, to Romania and Istanbul in the country of Turkey.

“Suada”, being Latin for persuasion, embodies the artists gravity towards the East, exploring a range of musical and cultural influences, while featuring a global collaboration of musicians, producers and  engineers.

Make sure to check out “Suada” the new album by Konqistador to show your support. It will be made available at all leading digital retailers – such as Amazon and ITunes.

If you’re also interested in learning more about Konqistador, check out the artist bio that’s been uploaded below.

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