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Koptiq Sun's Soundcloud Contributions Bring Back Reggae!
12 Oct 2023

SoundCloud is ablaze with the captivating sounds of reggae, and it’s all thanks to Koptiq Sun’s electrifying tracks, now proudly presented by Blue Pie Records. With a nod from Judasha Productions, Koptiq Sun’s reggae rhythms are creating waves, bringing the genre back into the spotlight!

Koptiq Sun, the rising star of reggae, is spearheading this revival with his signature sound and undeniable passion. Teaming up with Blue Pie Records, SoundCloud has become the stage for a reggae resurgence that’s impossible to ignore.

Let’s explore the albums that are setting SoundCloud on fire:

And coming soon, “New Day”, a playlist that’s sure to scratch your Reggae itch via Koptiq Sun and co.’s limitless finesse.

Each album is a testament to the unity and rhythm that reggae embodies, and Koptiq Sun’s unique contributions take it to the next level. Join the reggae revival and let the irresistible melodies and beats sweep you off your feet. It’s a musical renaissance you won’t want to miss!

Geoffrey ‘Star’ Forrest, now known as Koptiq Sun, has emerged as a significant force in the reggae scene. With a rich musical legacy inherited from his legendary father Ranchie McLean, Geoffrey made a name for himself as Rich Kid, creating memorable tracks and collaborating with renowned reggae artists like Shabba Ranks and Jahmel. He gained recognition through competitions and embarked on a transformative European tour, leading to a collaboration with Brinsley Forde. Drawing inspiration from reggae legends and R&B, Geoffrey’s musical evolution contributed to popular riddims and a profound spiritual awakening. Now reborn as Koptiq Sun, his partnership with Blue Pie Records promises to invigorate the reggae genre and heralds a bright future in reggae music.

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