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Koreen Perry busy in the studio again working on a brand new record!!
18 Mar 2014

Our favourite Canadian singer/songwriter Koreen Perry has been very busy recently working Chris Gracia and Damien Reilly on a brand new record called ‘Lucky’ that we can guarantee will stay in your ears for days…. or even weeks.

Like many of the artists signed with Blue Pie Records, Koreen was passionately involved in music, film theatre and performance from a very young age and now with the help of world renowned producers Damien Reilly and Chris Garcia and the entire team at Blue Pie Records, Koreen Perry is ready to take on the music industry and make her mark.

She has already received a lot of love from the industry, picking up the Suggested Artist placement award from The Song of the Year song writing contest. Song of the Year received entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Suggested Artist placement in the song writing competition. This was such a great achievement for Koreen and gave her the recognition she deserves as a phenomenal songwriter and artist.

Her most recent EP ‘Turning Point’ containing five classic tracks was launched on iTunes in February and contains favourites such as ‘Freeze Time’ and ‘Face to Face’. With many great reviews the EP is a strong and unique showcase of both her vocal and song writing talent.

“Koreen Perry’s heartfelt vocals are the star here.”Face to Face” is a perfect track for her to shine, with this ballad of depth and hope. The follow up, “Turning Point”, another tender ballad, meshes notes of adult contemporary, easy listening, and for good measure, a bit of country. The Ep is balanced nicely with the jazzy, pop-emo “Playing My Emotions” and the edgier, rocky “Law of Attraction”. Overall, a nicely crafted group of electric calling card singles”. Member services for A&R Select – Review

Koreen has also recently taken an acting part in a brand new commercial. Follow the link below to check it out

Koreen Perry is on the fast track now with a brand new look, a new team behind her and a rapidly growing fan base. We are so excited for the rest of the year ahead with Koreen and promise to keep you updated here on the Blue Pie Website.

For more Koreen and links to all her social media contacts follow the link to her official website below.

 Listen to her new EP ‘Turning Point’ on iTunes below.

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