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Koreen Perry gets a cool new look and website!
18 Nov 2014

Blue Pie is excited to announce that the Canadian singer and songwriter, Koreen Perry, has a brand new website! Koreen loves keeping in touch with her fans, and there is no better way than to check out her brand new website! The website will link you to all her social media pages as well as give some insight into her current projects and concerts!

Like many of our music artists, Koreen knew from a young age that music was the path she was destined to pursue. Singing with Edmonton Musical Theatre as a teen, she learned she enjoyed singing as well as song writing.  However it wasn’t until after raising a family, that Koreen realized the performing bug wouldn’t leave her alone, and so, decided it was time to make her mark in the music industry. After training again with Cooper Studios and performing at many festivals and events, she gave song writing another shot…and it paid off.

Who would have thought a mother of two, in her 40s, would decide now was the time to make a CD?  But with the encouragement ad support of a grant from RAWLCO Radio of Up 99.3 in Edmonton, Alberta, Koreen had produced her first CD “Turning Point”. The album has her first originals; along with retro easy rock/pop style cover tunes, including jazz and country pop.

“Freeze Time” was Koreen’s last single original release in 2013. And again is a huge success in encapsulating her signature sound of easygoing country-pop ballads, with a classic country/blues twinge. This track is released by Blue Pie Records with whom she has recently signed with, and is available worldwide. “Turning Point,” the title track of her next album, was put together and released of all of Koreen’s first originals in 2014.

As a mother, house-hold chef, wife, singer and songwriter—Koreen Perry is the ultimate proof that nothing can stand in the way of pursuing one’s dreams and sharing your talent with the world.

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