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Koreen Perry is making air-waves on Women of Substance Radio
27 Jun 2014

Koreen Perry’s latest track, Lucky has been on rotation this past week at Women of Substance Radio.

 “Whether you’re a label artist or an independent, if you’ve got great music, you’re on Women of Substance Radio!”

Along with other stand out artists such as J Grace, Worhol and Strange Voices, Perry has been making a statement with her music. Her single has been played every day for the past week, but if you missed it, you can head over to iTunes now to buy it! 

The track is a fusion of pop and disco and is ready to uplift any mood. Perry’s vocals are displayed sweetly and seductively, enchanting the audience with her exceptional musical talent. Set against an airy guitar riff, the track eases into a delightful mood and exerts happiness at every note. The chorus is energetic with party starting vibes that leave you ready to dance all night long. The track moves from energetic choruses into mellow verses. This fusion of fast and slow paces makes the song captivating and interesting. The fun and playful song is definitely a day brightener and ready to put a smile on your face! The repetitive chorus and backing vocals are so captivating and resonating with happiness, it is no wonder it was selected to be on an awesome playlist!

Women of Substance Radio is an internet Radio station that aims to play only the best female artists, no matter what their professional status is. The artists featured are carefully handpicked and have to meet an incredibly high standard of talent. They define women of substance as: female performers who deliver high quality music that speaks to the listener through vocal excellence, depth of character and emotion, and lyrics that leave a lasting impression.  This includes Label Artists, Indies and Unsigned artists alike.

Check out Women of Substance Radio Here 

And you can head over to Koreen Perry’s website for more exciting news

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