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Latin Central Records: Reviving the Rhythms of the Past
04 Sep 2023

Latin Central Records is making waves in the music industry as the new kid on the block. Teaming up with all of us here at Blue Pie Records and Ordior, this label is setting a new standard in the Latin music scene. With a rich catalogue ready to be explored on their website, they’re inviting music enthusiasts and sync seekers to dive into their world of remastered classics. Check them out here – every track on the label is accounted for on the official site!

One of Latin Central Records’ standout features is their commitment to preserving and enhancing the audio quality of their catalogue. Their dedication to digital restoration and remastered audio has produced versions that surpass any others found online. This commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed, as their YouTube channel has garnered nearly 1 million impressions in less than a month, all driven by organic growth.

The label has tapped into a growing trend of nostalgia, with music from the past experiencing a renaissance. Their distribution platform numbers indicate that there is a strong demand for “rediscovered” old music. Latin Central Records is ready to satisfy this craving for classic Latin tunes.

Among their notable artists, you’ll find legends like Leonardo Favio, also known as Mister Trombone, and Elis Regina, the queen of popular Brazilian music. These are just a glimpse of the extraordinary talent that Latin Central Records has brought back to life. You can find more on the Instagram, embedded below, as well as the rest of their social media, links to which can easily be found on the official website.

With all that being said, Blue Pie Records is thrilled to extend its warmest welcome to Latin Central Records, the latest addition to our ever-expanding family of partner labels. Latin Central’s commitment to preserving and promoting Latin music’s rich heritage aligns perfectly with our mission to celebrate diverse sounds from around the world. We’re excited to support Latin Central in their journey to bring timeless classics to a new generation of music enthusiasts.

Ordior is equally pleased to stand alongside Latin Central Records as a staunch advocate for artists’ rights and fair compensation. With Ordior’s expertise, Latin Central can rest assured that the revenue generated from their exceptional catalogue will find its way into the hands of the rightful earners – the talented artists, rights holders, and creators whose work continues to inspire and enchant audiences worldwide. Together, Blue Pie Records and Ordior are committed to nurturing the legacy of Latin Central Records and ensuring that its impact on the music industry only grows stronger with time.

All these excellent tracks in this catalogue are available now for syncing – the email for any enquiries is 

Behind the scenes, their content teams in both Australia and Argentina have been hard at work for the past two years. They’ve sourced, digitized, and released exceptional Latin vinyl music, leading to the birth of Latin Central Records. This project is a true labor of love, with nearly everyone in the company contributing their skills and dedication.

A special shout-out goes to Eden, Telia, Elise, Gabe, Tyler, Chloe, and Carolina, who have played a significant role in making Latin Central Records a reality. Their ongoing mission is to enrich their catalogue further by acquiring extraordinary vinyl records.

For now, music lovers and enthusiasts are invited to explore Latin Central Records on YouTube. Be sure to like and subscribe to stay updated with their latest releases and rediscover the magic of Latin music’s golden era. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey into the world of Latin Central Records!




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