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'Lay My Guitar Down Gently' by Bobby of The Teemates RELEASED!!!
16 Aug 2011

Blue Pie artist Bobby of The Teemates, released his biography ‘Lay My Guitar Down Gently‘  worldwide today!

This may just be the book Baby Boomers have been waiting for. This self published biography contains elements of the past sixty years many will feel has taken them back in time. It is the story of a impoverished child who finds rock’n’roll at the age of 14 in 1955. Six years later, he is at the height of the sixties music scene. He discovers the true psychic nature of his soul during a stay in the legendary Greenwich Village. He also discovered that with all of its pomp and glory, being a musician in those days carried deadly risks...

‘Lay My Guitar Down Gently’ is available from Amazon.

To find out more about Bobby of the Teemates visit or Facebook.

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