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Licensing Music for Films; the thing to do!
08 Apr 2011

Encore’s feature on Film Syncing (licensing music for films) shows that it has now become an essential facet for profit making and exposure.

We here at Blue Pie have been providing greater opportunities for our artists by doing exactly that, finding film placements and licensing deals. A good example was our record month we had in January, with over 150 placements in independent films, TV shows and cable shows alone for our artists.

Syncing has become the biggest buzzword of the modern music world. It involves the licensing of music to other companies to provide suitable music to films, TV shows and commercials with an attractive soundtrack.

Visual media attracts a widespread audience, which is perfect for the exposure of selected music tracks for certain commercials and/or TV shows.

Click here to read the full article in Encore’s March edition.

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