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Looking For Bon !
05 Dec 2013

We have been looking for Bon Scott and he has been found with a lost video clip that will feature on Channel 9 this Wednesday the 6th December – Tune in !

It has been and incredibly exciting week at Blue Pie with the upcoming worldwide exclusive TV release of the lost Bon Scott – Round and Round and Round video clip. The video clip will be featured on Australia’s Channel 9 Good Morning show with Richard Wilkins on Tuesday  Lost Video to be featured on Ch 9.

You can check out the video clip and the story + download the clip and the Round and Round digitally mastered song by visiting the Looking for Bon website www.lookingforbon.comYou can click on the project BIO below for the story on how this project came to be and the incredible video clip was made.


Special thanks go to “Peter Head” and Ted “The Head” Yanni for making this all come to life and creating the record in the 1st place. 

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