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Lost Archives Resurface on Spotify: Bobby of the Teemates Strikes Gold with "Bad Business"!
20 Jul 2023

In a nostalgic blast from the past, Bobby of the Teemates has caused quite a stir among music enthusiasts as his lost archives resurface with the incredible track “Bad Business” now available for streaming on Spotify.

The Teemates’ website,, has been turning heads as the timeless allure of Bobby’s retro “Joy Divisionesque” masterpiece gathers fans new and old. Garnering an astounding 57,000 streams in just the past three months, “Bad Business” has proven to be an unexpected gem that effortlessly transports listeners back to the golden era of music.

Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Talking Heads, Joy Division, and DEVO, Bobby’s composition boasts an authentic 80’s vibe that resonates with both old-school fans and a new generation of music lovers. The haunting echoes of Joy Division’s early style blend seamlessly with the quirky essence of DEVO’s de-evolution satire, creating a unique and captivating sonic experience. Indeed, Bobby has chosen to “de-evolve” in a positive way, in that he’s returned to his core 80s roots, much to the admiration of listeners.

But it doesn’t stop there – “Bad Business” exudes a distinctive Lou Reed-like tone, adding a layer of artistry that truly sets it apart. Bobby’s mastery in infusing diverse influences and forging an unmistakable sound results in a track that’s simultaneously familiar and refreshingly original.

For years, these lost archives have remained elusive, but thanks to the persistence and dedication of Bobby and his team, this hidden treasure is now open to the world. The mysterious allure surrounding Bobby and his music is reigniting interest in a bygone era of artistic expression and paving the way for a revival of retro sounds in the modern music landscape. There is no Bad Business with Bobby’s lost archives finding their way to the Spotify streaming worlds.

So, if you’re in the mood for a musical time-travel experience, head over to Spotify and immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Bad Business” by Bobby of the Teemates. It’s time to let the rhythmic nostalgia wash over you as you discover why this lost gem has found its way back into our hearts. Don’t miss out – hit play, and let the magic unfold!

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