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Luke Arnold has assured his destiny to become one of Australia's greatest actors and secures his place in music history !!!
28 Feb 2014

Congratulations Luke on all your success from everyone at Blue Pie and Dealing With Destiny …..WELL DONE !!!

Luke Arnold has assured his destiny to become one of Australia’s hottest rising stars thanks to his incredible portrayal of the late and extremely great ” Michael Hutchence ” in the Channel 7 TV mini serries INXS

We have had the great fortune to have worked with Luke on his last film “Dealing with Destiny” with managing all the interviews + marketing and promotion of the film and developing the soundtrack. We had the good fortune to have been able to record and produce the theme song “Destiny” and video clip for the song and the film.

You can check out the film clip below for the song “Destiny” on MUZU TV, that features Luke, and see one of Australia’s hottest talents to emerge since Russell Crowe made Romper Stomper.

As Damien Reilly says: ” When we were filming all the interviews for the “Dealing With Destiny” film with Jono Coleman, you could see that Luke was going to be a stand out in the film. There was something special in just about everything we filmed and he was certainly the actor that everyone was talking about in the film. Everyone associated with that film is just very happy and so proud to have been able to work with him. His star is one that over the next decade will be shining extremely brightly. I am sure there will be other stars to emerge from the film as there was just a great vibe attached to this project.”

The Destiny Band: 


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