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Mahoning Valley Records Join The Blue Pie Family!
17 Oct 2011

Blue Pie Records is pleased to announce a new partnership with Mahoning Valley Records!

Mahoning Valley Records is the premier record label of the greater Youngstown area. They have many affiliations with other independent and major labels throughout the country. They have the ability to create, connect, and guide artists to the correct places with the correct personnel within the industry. They are known for paying close attention to artists, with working detail and coordination to give their clients the best possible chance of success.

“At Mahoning Valley Records, we understand the music industry can be very difficult and cumbersome, which is why professionals are needed. We hope to be a beacon for our valley, as well as the state of Ohio. We want to bring hope to the aspiring artists within our communities and beyond, and we strive to make the Mahoning Valley proud.” – CEO Mahoning Valley Records.

The priority artist on Mahoning Valley Records is American Idol Top 5 Finalist, Scott Savol. American Idol gave Scott a worldwide platform to perform, and brought him instant notoriety. The number one rated series reached an average of 30 million viewers per episode, and tallied a record breaking 500 million votes. American Idol Season 4 was touted as having the highest ratings and the best singers of any Idol past season, and the Idol audience and judges alike adored Scott Savol. Scott’s single “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)” is featured on the American Idol Showstoppers album, and has been certified Gold. Since American Idol, Scott has been performing across the United States and now has an amazing new hit called “Beauty Queen” which has been featured in radio stations across the nation.

Blue Pie CEO Damien Reilly says: “It’s an honour to be working with professionals of this calibre. We look forward to many years of successful partnership.”

To find out more about Mahoning Valley Records go HERE!

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