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01 Mar 2007

We are pleased to announce that Blue Pie and the “Rosenbergs” have teamed up. We are extremely honoured to have the “Bergs” as part of the Blue Pie family.

This famous DIY band from the USA has turned the world of the majors upside down. They have rewritten the record books for independent acts and now part of the Blue Pie family. Search the Internet for info on The Rosenbergs and you’ll come across hundreds of articles summarizing a history of bold career moves, the most famous being their rejecting an offer to appear on the much-hyped (and now defunct) Farmclub television show. They then teamed up with Robert Fripps label, DGM, to pave the way for artists everywhere to start taking back ownership of their masters. A few months later, while the rest of the music industry was waging war against Napster, The Rosenbergs took another controversial step by teaming with the infamous file-sharing service for tour sponsorship and a “buy one, get one free” promotion for their sophomore release Mission: You. The Mission topped 30,000 units in its first week and sales have now risen to over 600,000 worldwide (and still climbing). Check out for more info. Three songs off of Department Store Girl, “Nightime Lover”, “Department Store Girl”, and “Crockett & Tubbs” are featured in the game, and the band is also featured as separate celebrity characters that you can invite to Hef’s parties. The game is available for XBox, PS2, and the PC.

A big Welcome to the ” BERGS ” from the Blue Pie crew.

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