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01 Mar 2008

Blue Pie is very proud to have secured distribution rights to one of the worlds most highly regarded orchestra’s “ The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow”. Years of work under Vladimir Fedoseyev, made the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra become one of the leading world orchestras showing Russia’s supreme symphony culture in all countries.

The catalogue includes Operas by Musorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Berlios, Janacek and Shostakovich staged in opera houses of Vienna, Paris (a concert version in the Salle Pleyel), Milan (La Scala), Zurich, Bregenz, Florence and elsewhere have brought Fedoseyev success and the praise of the press.

Blue Pie’s very own Sergey Iljinov and Hellmut Wolfman who have worked tirelessly to land the catalogue. Classical music lovers everywhere will be excited to hear this unique, rare and grand catalogue of 20 titles and 361 tracks in it’s full glory.

More details in the PRESS RELEASE and our PRESS AND MEDIA section.

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