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Marvel and the quest for the holy vinyl
25 Feb 2014

Marvel need help in making their fourth album reach the state of vinyl, and they want to make you a part of that journey, giving you a first row seat getting your hands on both exclusive stuff when pledging as well as filling the blog on with content for pledgers eyes and ears only.

Marvel intends to make the campaign both a journey and an album by encouraging their fans to get involved as much as possible. The band have opened for big names, played at festivals and had great rotation on both US and college radio as well as on national Swedish airwaves. Through their masked live performances, Marvel have earned themselves a steady growing and very loyal fan base with an army of fan clubs in 12 different countries all over the world.

With only three days left of the campaign, Marvel have accrued 127 pledges from around the world and are well on their way to their overarching goal.

For more information and to make a pledge head to the campaign website at:

Their new single ‘Remember’ is set for release this coming Friday 28th February and the album is set for release March 28th. Stay updated via their Facebook page at:

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