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Marvel releases new single "Metalhead" to the world!
30 May 2012

Marvel, being the definition of different, is one of the most interesting acts we’re proud to work with here at Blue Pie.

The band, consisting of the three super heroes the King, Burgher and the Vicar, released their latest album “Warhawks of War” in April 2011. Since then band has been touring and working hard on producing as much incredible music as possible.

“Metalhead”, the brand new single by Marvel, gets released to the world on June 1st. The single and it’s B Side “Ambassador of Fantastic”, were written by the talented J. Steen and were recorded and mixed by White Light Studios.

Upon it’s release the single will be made available on sites such as iTunes and Spotify.  So make sure to check out the exciting new track “Metalhead” on the 1st of July!

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