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MARVEL upcoming album is a killer for a good cause!
22 Nov 2013

Swedish powertrio, MÄRVEL, have had a run of good luck in the music industry! Not only have they released 3 full-length albums since 2011 with great success and have also performed a handful of shows at the Muskelrock and Skogsröjet festivals, but they are also currently performing as the opening acting for Dregen’s two-month tour, which began on November 6th.

If that’s not lucky enough, the powertrio are also working on completing their fourth album, which will be released next year. In lead-up of the album’s upcoming release, the trio have just launched a campaign on to release the new album on 12 inch of vinyl (calling all hipsters!), where they will also donate 3% of the funds to cancer research. With all this action, success and excitement buzzing around them, it’s no surprise the powertrio are a bit cocky with the release of their latest album, “We are really proud about our fans. The MÄRVEL Army is represented in twelve countries around the globe and we all gather around music! Join us on our journey when the album grows from ax to limpa – with your help we will be victorious!” The King says, guitarist and singer in MÄRVEL.” The album details will be revealed in the project blog on Pledgemusic and will be released in the beginning of next year on their label Killer Cobra Records.

In the meantime, Dregen is excited to have the powertrio as the opening act for his tour, stating, “I’m gonna bring MÄRVEL with me on tour in November!Why? Because they’re awesome! Can’t wait to hear their new album!” For those of you who haven’t been privileged of hearing about the talented trio, MÄRVEL is a Swedish rock band whose music have been described as “… sweaty group sex with The Hellacopters, Turbonegro and Electric Six at a KISS themed childrens party.” Throw in some 60’s soul and 80’s metal (the good kind) and you’re pretty close to the truth.

For any more information on when, where and how you can catch Dregen and MÄRVEL live, check out the band website here.

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