blue pie news

01 May 2008

Music 2 Deal is a network that has allowed us to grow into new markets by using the power of the web and vision of Music 2 Deal’s founder “Mario”. The M2D systems promote commerce and helps to open new markets for its active members. Blue Pie has been able to reach new relationships in Russia, Canada and Germany. As a result we have recently signed a major classical catalogue with over 200 world leading titles from some of the best artists in the world. The M2D product is all about generating commercial business. Since starting with M2D we have secured 2 new catalogues and have expanded into Europe through the M2D network. Join up to the system now. It is up to you whether you decide to use its full potential! Business with M2D is all about what you put in and the rest is managed by M2D, karma and the markets. A wise man once said “Every action in the world has an equal and opposite reaction”. This product works and the reaction is fantastic ! – Check out the site

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