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May 2024 - MB Creative Lab Announces Exclusive Music Sync License Partnership with Ordior and Blue Pie Records !!!
13 May 2024

In a ground-breaking move to elevate the branding experience for its clients, MB Creative Lab has forged an exclusive music sync license partnership with industry leaders Ordior and Blue Pie Records. This strategic alliance aims to provide MB Creative Lab’s clients with unparalleled access to a diverse catalogue of music, enriching their brand identities and amplifying their reach.

The partnership signifies a significant milestone for MB Creative Lab, a renowned agency specializing in brand development and marketing solutions. By joining forces with Ordior and Blue Pie Records, MB Creative Lab aims to offer its clients a unique opportunity to enhance their brand narratives through the power of music.

As Damien Reilly says:
“At MB Creative Lab, we understand the importance of sound in shaping brand identities and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Through our exclusive partnership with Ordior and Blue Pie Records, we are thrilled to provide our clients with access to an extensive catalogue of music that will elevate their brand experiences and resonate with their target demographics.”

Ordior, a leading rights management and copyright protection agency, will ensure that all music provided through this partnership is properly licensed and cleared for use, giving clients peace of mind and legal compliance.

Blue Pie Records, known for its diverse roster of artists and extensive music library spanning various genres, will supply the music selections tailored to each client’s unique brand persona.

“We are excited to collaborate with MB Creative Lab and Blue Pie Records to deliver exceptional music experiences for brands worldwide,” said Damien Reilly at MB Creative. “This partnership underscores our commitment to supporting artists while empowering brands to harness the emotive power of music in their marketing strategies.”

The partnership comes at a time when brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of sonic branding in creating memorable experiences for consumers. By integrating carefully curated music selections into their branding initiatives, MB Creative Lab’s clients will have the opportunity to forge stronger emotional connections with their audiences and stand out in competitive markets.

Music has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and leave a lasting impression. With this partnership, brands can now leverage the universal language of music to captivate their audiences and make their brands truly ‘Sing to the world.

Through this exclusive music sync license partnership, MB Creative Lab, Ordior, and Blue Pie Records are poised to revolutionize the way brands engage with their audiences, offering a harmonious blend of creativity, authenticity, and sonic resonance.

For more information about MB Creative Lab and its services, visit or email Blue Pie Records sales team at

About MB Creative Lab: MB Creative Lab is a leading agency specializing in brand development, marketing solutions, and creative content creation. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, MB Creative Lab helps brands establish meaningful connections with their audiences through compelling storytelling and impactful visual communication.

About Ordior: Ordior is a trusted rights management and copyright protection agency dedicated to supporting artists, creators, and content owners in managing their intellectual property rights. With a comprehensive suite of services, Ordior ensures that rights holders receive fair compensation and protection for their creative works.

About Blue Pie Records: Blue Pie Records is an independent music label and distribution company known for its diverse roster of artists and extensive catalogue of music spanning various genres. With a global reach and a commitment to supporting emerging talent, Blue Pie Records is dedicated to delivering high-quality music experiences to audiences worldwide.

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