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MC Breed and the Eastside Boyz Pull Up in your Spotify!
07 Jun 2019

The talented childhood duo of The Eastside Boyz and the hip hop genius known as MC Breed have teamed up to bring you some true hood excellence!

The Boyz are a multi-platinum selling team who had global success with their collaborations with Lil Jon, with songs like “Get Low” which has over 77 Million views on YouTube or with “What U Gon’ Do” with over 28 Million views. And MC Breed was the first commercially successful rapper to come out of the Midwest due to his outstanding talent! Put them together and… you get this!

You can tell it’s gonna be a good one when the beat has you nodding your head out the gate, and just a few seconds later the best flow you might ever hear hits you like a truck! Then the brass section drops and blows you away completely. This track is criminally underrated and should be on every hardcore hip hop fan’s playlist as they do what they need to do. Cruising through the neighbourhood? Playing against a rival team in your sport of choice? Working out? It’s perfect for any occasion that you need to psych up and get hyped! It’s absolutely insane that this track doesn’t have more exposure, but on the bright side you can claim the clout of being one of the few to listen to it and add it to your repertoire before it goes insanely viral! There isn’t much more to say. You already know what you need to do, because this track absolutely speaks for itself!

And if you can’t get enough of the Eastside Boyz, here’s All-Stars so you can hear their greatest hits!

Don’t waste any more time and add “Pull Up” on your playlists!

You can check out the track here:

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