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Meet B-Bless - the Passenger of many a playlist!
27 Apr 2020

You want chill, New York hip hop aesthetic? You want smooth flow, unseen since the golden days of Biggie? We have just the guy for you – in our opinion, B-Bless ticks all those boxes brilliantly.

Inspired by many genres of music, Bless finds a way to be outside the box. One day he’s street rap, the next he’s spitting a rhyme over a dubstep beat. Versatile and brash, Bless’ consistency should be appreciated among the masses. And that’s why we write up stories like this – to introduce newcomers to his unique brand of awesome tracks! And our personal pick among these? Passenger! The extended mix gets us in the mood to cruise through the city… on a night without too much traffic of course! And why the extended version specifically? Gotta play it longer so you don’t have to hit the repeat button as often!

We have radio promotions chugging away on this track globally and it’s working – people all around the world have the chance to cruise to this. Sure, in these times of coronavirus, any cruising one might be doing is in one’s daydreams, or down to the grocery store, but Passenger is also one of those versatile songs that can be thrown on whenever you wanna bring a chill, catchy urban aesthetic to a room! It can also be used to get you up and going, as despite having the chill ambience, it has enough BPM and catchiness to bring some hype too! Guess it’s true what they say about B-Bless being versatile. It takes talent to do many different things and still keep your experience on display!

But B-Bless finds a way, as you can see – and it’s not a fluke, given his latest release at the time of writing, “Favors”, is just as quality as ever! One can only wonder what’ll be next for this unique artist. All we know is that we’ll be keeping a close eye out to see! Won’t you join us?



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