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Meet Charass! Another Afropop star for you to vibe to!
03 Jul 2020

Charass is Mr. Melody himself, a shining example of what Afropop can really achieve, musically speaking! An artist with ties to Blue Pie, Iroking, Nedjon Media and Royal Sound Entertainment, he’s a man who’s turned the heads of many in the industry, and he makes sure that he can deliver! Here’s a taster of that with his most recent release at the time of writing, “Cha Cha” ft. Flavour!

His musical range is on-point all throughout his performances, but how can you perform with hair that lit and not share it with the world? Audio is just audio after all! Well, fear not. The man’s also done tons of music videos!

Here are just a few of our favourites!

Charass – Kiss & Tell ft. Cynthia Morgan (Official Video)

Charass – Coco Butter (Official Video)

Charass – Coco Butter (Remix) Ft. Davido & Phyno (Official Video)

Yung6ix – Grind Don’t Stop (Official Video) ft. CHARASS

Larry Gaaga – Man No Be God ft. Charass

Man No Be God (featuring Charass) – Larry Gaaga

Charass – Smile (Official Music Video) | AfroBeats 2017

Charass – Gbege (Official Video)

Charass ft. Davido & Phyno – Coco Butter Remix (Official Video)

There’s a slick kind of style involved with all of his work, one that only comes from artists living their dream. Yep, he loves every second of his work, and we love to watch him go too! That’s why we’ve followed him on Youtube and Spotify… He’s impressed us, and now that we’re intrigued, we don’t wanna miss a beat!

If you wanted to follow along, check Charass out on social media! We haven’t heard the last of him, either way… and good thing, too!

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