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Meet Dave Loew!
13 Jan 2023

Dave Loew is an Australian cellist with a forty-year international career of performing in Australia, Great Britain and many other countries, where his large album catalogue of recordings have sold in many hundreds of thousands. Dave is passionate about classical cello playing, and has studied with one of the music world’s most iconic teachers of cello, English cellist Christopher Bunting. Dave is a very efficient musician, and it takes only a small perusal of his magnificent catalogue to see that:

Dave Loew is a master of the cello, an incredibly difficult and bulky instrument that requires extreme patience. We recently added Dave to the Blue Pie Records artist roster in late 2022, and his many passionate works from his extensive catalogue are still being distributed to this day. We’re very keen to help get his older compositions across various online platforms, as well as work directly with him for any new strokes of genius he cooks up! Suffice it to say we’re looking forward to what 2023 has to offer for Dave and Blue Pie.

Dave’s career has spanned a wide and diverse number of musical genres. He has acted as principal cello in major orchestras, as well as a soloist in live concerts, radio, and television. One of his career highlights was when he performed as solo cellist for Andre Previn. More recently, he has become an international book author, with his passionate memoir and biography “I Am Cellist” available now across the world via his website. Today, Dave continues to perform and produce new albums, as well as beginning a series of fiction novels. We’re very excited to see what new adventure he’ll embark on next, and we hope you’ll be there to join us for it!

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