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Meet Jah Mason!
01 May 2019

Jah Mason is bringing his hits to the world of music in two brand new compilations of his best tracks!

Check out the playlists in their entirety right here on spotify! And that’s not all. The albums are also available on all other major retailers!

The New Creation Records artist seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction lately, and it’s not hard to see why. The quality reggae beats from the man in the stylish hat known as Jah Mason are the perfect thing to chill to! The compilations we released prior are experiencing the deserved success we predicted they would, and we’d say reggae is back, but did it ever really die? Straight from the booming eras of Bob Marley, the passion and soul in the music production of this genre has always been there, and the only people who really think it ever “died” simply didn’t pay attention to it- which is fine. We all go through different journeys on our music tastes. And it’s a happy day when someone’s musical journey reconnects with the joys that reggae holds… which appears to be happening the world over, thanks to the passion and love that Jah Mason puts into his incredible work!

But if you’re new to the Jah Mason scene or the reggae scene in general, we’ve got you covered with a quick little handy catch up that’ll make sure you meet him good and proper!
Who could forget the awesome chill beats of “Cross The Water”?

Or how about you see him in motion with the “Evilous System” official music video?

Or the fantastic music video for “No Sad Story”?

Still not enough? How about an ENTIRE CONCERT straight from an Austrian tour?!

Whatever way you want to discover Jah Mason and the fantastic contributions he’s made to the reggae scene, we have it ready and waiting for ya. We hope you’ve discovered a new favourite artist, just like we did when we first came into contact with Jah Mason! It’s a beautiful musical world with his work in it…

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