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Meet Mighty and Pyrite! The two weirdos we let run the radio show for some reason.
30 Apr 2021


The dumbbell with a cool demeanour and a heart of stainless steel.

  • Radio host
  • Distributor of content and goblin-related supplies
  • Guardian of the gains you’ll never claim


The metallic angular cynic who probably shouldn’t be here.

  • Alleged radio host
  • Probably just lump of slag metal in makeup (evidence pending)
  • General nuisance

These two are the radio hosts of our very own Blue Pie Radio show, featuring excellent hits from both the Blue Pie and DJ Central catalogues. As with most social anomalies, where there are strange “people” destroying your braincells, there are also deep dives examining what made them this way, and what the attraction (if any) is. This is no exception. Today we learn just who these “radio” “hosts” really “are”.

MC Mighty is a strange oddity that we hired one day to present our music on local radio. He loves all kinds of music, but his favourite genre is known as “Glubes”, AKA Goblin Blues. His favourite band is the Glube Berries, which are the Bluesiest Goblin Blues band ever, or so we’re told! Mighty handles distribution for our Australian team, and doubles up as MC Mighty when the world needs to hear his voice, which it needs to once a week in order to fulfill the Salty Swingers Ritual, otherwise it implodes upon itself. This is backed by science, as well as some online service we paid for in order to back up any unfounded scientific claim, making it completely genuine. When Mighty has spare time, he tends to his Ginnee Gips, which are beasts that are similar to guinea pigs. He has 200 of the creatures! Mighty has a passion for landscaping, making him technically the only Eldritch dumbbell eligible to qualify for lordship.

As for MC Pyrite, he’s an anomalous rock who seems good as gold, until you get to know him. A pretentious wad of metal who smells of something ambiguous and stale, Pyrite features on our radio show because he made a nest in the studio and now we can’t get rid of him. As a younger rock, Pyrite often strengthened his hypothetical non-corporeal throwing arm, and won a regional qualifier for Basefootcrickball, a sport so stupid that it’s listed on Wikipedia as the only physical activity that tastes like stale jam and disappointment at a metaphysical level. Since this experience, Pyrite has taken to honing his skills by pelting eggs at anyone who passes by his nest, telling them to bugger off until they give him a microphone to be smug into. His favourite music is specifically Nightcore which has been slowed down into being normal music again, because even he’s not embarrassing enough for that.

These two are taking up space on our radio show, which has been airing online recently! With both episodes 1 and 2 hosted on Mixcloud and Audiomack, it’s only a matter of time we think until they’re approved to be played on local radio too!



Episode 1 even features a special song preview from Down3r… which song? You’re gonna have to listen to find out! Sneak peek.

Episode 2 will also get its own news story coverage on our sites eventually. So tune in to 107.1 and check out our Audiomack and Mixcloud profiles to have a listen to Pyrite and Mighty presenting the favourite music you didn’t even know you had yet!

If you want to see what else is on store at this excellent radio station, we have you covered – the schedule is easy to navigate!

And of course, the website is here to fill you in on every detail you could ever want!

Mighty brings a cool and collected passion to the airwaves, then goes home and brews mountain rum, awaiting the next mortal who dares summon him. He does not need to sleep, and nor do you, if you try hard enough. He’s an inspiration to everyone who wishes to be a festering little stabby creature that wants to learn how to hit things very hard, and is the favoured dumbbell among goblins worldwide. Our radio show wouldn’t be the same without him. Pyrite is an entertaining trainwreck to watch unfold, and therefore, he brings a special brand of schadenfreude to our radio show that’s wholly unique and helps bring it an “identity”. The only compliments we’ll allow him are backhanded ones, but to be fair, he deserves a backhand across the face in all honesty. At least someone wants to get their hands anywhere near him – it’s a rare occurrence, as he’ll probably tell you via radio in an attempt to make his pathetic life funny to ease the pain. Regardless, he’s here to stay on our show, so we might as well get used to him. With the two of them together, they’re… mediocre, in the positive way, y’know, like unstoppably mediocre. They’re invincible in how their personalities wash over you uneventfully, they’re incredible in how they tiptoe elegantly between average and terrible. It’s a balancing act that’ll make you say “yep, that exists all right” and we’re all for it, probably!

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