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Meet Ray Vanderby and his new albums with CORRUGATED IRON!
30 Apr 2020

“Musician” is a word that describes Ray Vanderby, but it does not cover the full scope of his experience with all things musical. He is a song writer, composer, producer, director, piano tuner, and a frontman singer. He plays organ, piano, keyboards, and guitar. He has seen his fair share of musical experience with multiple groups, all of which you can read about here in his official bio. His latest endeavour? A little group called Corrugated Iron! Bringing back the classic appeal of rock that got so many hooked on the genre in the first place!

In 2016 Vanderby formed Corrugated Iron, with Jon Wilby on bass, and Mark Welch on drums. They released the album Magical Land the following year. Wilby left the band and was replaced by Shane Dickerson, and the group released the album Rock Of The Ages in 2018, with the addition Ado Hadson on guitar. But that is far from Ray’s first outing – he formed his first band, Eros, in 1969! One giant leap for rock kind!
After 50 long years in the industry, Ray Vanderby has no intention of slowing down. He has been working on a new album called Comet 2 Comet, which will be released later this year and is set to be a hit. His collaborations with multiple prominent artists across an eclectic range of styles demonstrates Vanderby’s commitment to Australian music. And nothing reflects this better than the culmination of his experience – Corrugated Iron is the result of all his experience, and the experience of his fellow members, and the conclusions it has led them to. So it’s little wonder that it’s our personal favourite pick out of all his musical adventures to date – though who knows what tomorrow may bring? There’s plenty on the horizon yet for this ambitious artist.

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