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Meet the Dugites!
21 Sep 2021

We last checked out the Dugites when we took a look at their new website, along with Deluxe Records’ site! But now it might be time for a nostalgic trip for the veterans, and an introductory tour for the fledglings! It’s time to MEET THE DUGITES! Straight from Deluxe Records, these Aussie media icons, like the snake they’re named after, are something you’ll never forget once they grab you!

Blue Pie Records’ partnership with Deluxe Records’ Michael Browning ensures we’ll always be thinking back to the Dugites. After all, all these years of friendship have entrenched The Dugites in our minds deeper than most, and our partner company Ordior has also supported the band’s rights since forever! So it’s with our greatest pleasure that we invite you to indulge in some nostalgia, and look back on the classic days. Keeping the 80s alive in the volatile modern era, we at Blue Pie will always remember the band that never deserves to leave our minds for as long as it stands. They grab tight, as cool and as lightning-quick as a snake! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 1980s were an incredible era for Australian music. They brought us some of the greatest hits from AC/DC, Men At Work, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, the Hoodoo Gurus, and of course, the Dugites. An Australian rock band formed in the late 1970s, the Dugites were a memorable fusion of many different musical styles, including power pop, new wave, and electronic rock. Again, like the Western Australian brown snake with which the band shares their name, their songs shocked like a venom cocktail, spreading political messages and memorable hooks through catchy, addictive hits.

Straight out of Perth, the Dugites changed the world when they formed in 1978. Little did they know that in a matter of just a few years, they would be appearing on Countdown, touring across Australia, and becoming radio superstars! The quintuple threat of Lynda Nutter, Peter Crosbie, Gunther Berghoffer, Clarence Bailey, and Phillip Bailey started out as the backing band for Dave Warner in 1979, and their first single “Hit Single”/”Bruce” was self-financed. But soon this would all change. That very same year, the Dugites signed with the Deluxe label, and were distributed by RCA records! From there, they released several hit singles, such as “In Your Car”, “Waiting” and “Juno and Me”, and produced multiple albums. The Dugites were famous both in and out of the record store, and they were also infamous when it came to Australian radio. The banned 1980 Dugites song “Gay Guys” from the single “South Pacific” was the first song played by 2JJJ-FM Triple J! There’s plenty more history too – the Wikipedia page for the band is most entertaining for music enthusiasts! Every indie band nowadays (especially the Aussie ones!) dreams of going the distance like this, just like the Dugites did back in the day. Subconscious legacies can have a lot more impact than you’d initially think!

A band to make such a massive impact deserves to be honoured in the annals of music history forevermore. And while this isn’t a typical shrine that an Aussie diehard Dugites fan might have hidden away in their cupboard, this little article-sized trip down memory lane should hopefully suit your needs and keep you listening! Until the next throwback, keep on listening and poised to strike, just like a dugite.


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