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Meet The StrangerS and Mad MahuLL!
01 Sep 2023

Prepare for a musical revelation like no other as we unveil The StrangerS, a phenomenon that’s rewriting the music rulebook. Led by the enigmatic visionary Mad MahuLL, this musical force is turning heads and defying conventions in one fell swoop.

What’s their secret? Anonymity. The StrangerS have cracked the code with their unique practice of changing members regularly, collaborating on the fly, changing styles at a whim, and all the while remaining masked. But it’s not just about mystique – it’s the music that speaks volumes.

Breaking down borders and embracing boundless creativity, The StrangerS unite musicians from around the globe. The result? Mind-bending compositions that are nothing short of magic.

Their sound? A fusion of hard rock anthems that honor tradition yet pulsate with a modern edge. Guitar riffs that’ll shake your core, percussion that’ll move your soul, and vocals that linger long after the last note fades. But that’s not all, there’s snippets of 80s, folk, and all number of other colourful genres. The perks of having a different singer on almost every track are as limitless as you would imagine!

Mad MahuLL, the elusive maestro, stands at the helm. With a catalogue exceeding sixty songs and collaborations that defy counting, the man’s a musical savant. But it’s the enigma that truly defines The StrangerS.

Hailing from Nowhere, Oklahoma, their music is anything but ordinary. Think electrifying rock energy, mixed with a touch of something entirely fresh. It’s a rollercoaster through genres, a journey you won’t want to end.

A proud addition to the Blue Pie Records USA artist roster, The StrangerS have found a home that understands their unique vision. In a sea of artists, they’re the ones making waves. Get ready to unravel the enigma, lose yourself in their melodies, and experience music like never before. The StrangerS have arrived, and the stage is set for something extraordinary.


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