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Meet Tiny Tim, an entertainment LEGEND!
28 Jun 2019

Many people in today’s younger generations know Tiny Tim from his cover of Tiptoe Through The Tulips, which was featured in a certain horror movie a few years back…

Or they think of a certain iconic Spongebob scene from the very first episode…

Even in the comments of that video, you find plenty of people wishing Tiny Tim to Rest In Peace, and many people who grew up with Spongebob can’t help but associate it with Tiny Tim. After all, it’s a bit hard to forget something like his distinctive falsetto voice set to a sea of hungry fish being fed in a ridiculous manner! But Tiny Tim worked far beyond that, and today, we’re going to take you on a trip to show you his other contributions to the musical world.

Tiny Tim, born Herbert Butros Khaury, has inspired many musical giants of our modern day with his work, such as Bob Dylan, Marilyn Manson, and Lady Gaga! Typically when we think of him we think of his high falsetto and his ukulele, but the man had many talents and quite the vocal range, and used all kinds of falsettos and vibratos to achieve his distinctive sound! Compare Tiptoe Through The Tulips with THIS!

Sounds like a different man, right?! You can just tell how much fun he’s having. And it’s quite a different musical style from his usual territory… but then again, his territory seems to be whatever he feels like doing in the moment, no? It’s as though he’s practiced any given genre all of his life, even if it’s the first song we’ve ever seen from him in any given style! And indeed, his Highway To Hell cover is a wonderful example of this. So wonderful that we at Blue Pie Records have made pains to improve the sound quality and clarity of this particular piece! Through many long hours of digital remastering, we have restored the original clip’s poor recording quality to the proper HD standards of the modern era. It’s crisp and clear for your pleasure, as it should be! One should be able to hear the nuances in the song. That’s definitely Tiny Tim singing that, it’s distinct enough that it’s immediately recognisable. And yet, it’s so different from the hits he’s known for! Indeed, he’s most known as a novelty act, but there’s a lot more to him than you might expect.

Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Tiny Tim developed something of a cult following. In the 1960s he was seen regularly near the Harvard University campus as a street performer, singing old Tin Pan Alley tunes. His choice of repertoire and his encyclopedic knowledge of vintage popular music impressed many of the spectators. One admirer, Norman Kay, recalled that his outrageous public persona was a false front belying a quiet, studious personality: “Herb Khaury was the greatest put-on artist in the world. Here he was with the long hair and the cheap suit and the high voice, but when you spoke to him he talked like a college professor. He knew everything about the old songs.”

A performer’s mask is a powerful tool. It can foster confidence and master the art of illusion. But one thing that wasn’t a mere act was Tiny Tim’s extensive range of talents, and the depths of his passion. In any song produced by him, this is obvious to see. In particular, the Chameleon album is a favourite of ours!

We think his cover of “Stayin Alive” is a standout song among the others in the album. The Chameleon album is definitely one of Tiny Tim’s best. It was so good that it even attracted the attention of legendary Australian artist, Martin Sharp! He and Blue Pie artist Pearly Ong spent countless hours working on artwork for the special edition of the album.

martin sharp tiny tim

More information about this piece in particular can be found by clicking here. Martin Sharp and Pearly Ong also poured their passions and efforts into the exclusive Digital Booklet for Chameleon! They worked on it for a straight month, so you know it’ll be quality! When you buy the special edition of Chameleon on iTunes for just $10.99 AUD, you will also receive a digital booklet full of artwork dedicated to the album by Martin Sharp and Pearly Ong! You can also choose to buy the album without the e-book for a few dollars less. Click here for the special edition featuring the e-book on iTunes!

Speaking of Australian artists, the appreciation of Tiny Tim in Australia is well founded. How could it not be? Check out this address right here:

You see that video down there in that website? This one here:

Tiny Tim – “The Luna Park Marathon 1979” (Trailer) from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.
That right there is the trailer for the concert he gave at Luna Park! It’s the one and only, the legendary, the amazing Tiny Tim himself performing for two hours and seventeen minutes non-stop, on a beautiful summer’s night, in the ‘Floating Palais’ at Luna Park on Sydney harbour. And it’s available to watch on our Vimeo On Demand! (VOD)


Click that link there to purchase a frontrow seat from your living room to view the whole concert. It’s worth every cent, we promise- quality like this has to be! It’s available for one-time rent, or for full purchase, so get on it, Tiny Tim fans!

Yes, Tiny Tim is a beloved performer in the hearts of many, and this celebration of his talents and the impact he had on the world and media is hopefully up to the standards he set. We at Blue Pie and Planet Blue Pictures extend our heartfelt appreciation for every stride Tiny Tim made towards a grander musical world, and we hope that we have done our part to keep his legacy alive. We love Tiny Tim, and if you didn’t already, we hope you do too, now.

If you just can’t get enough Tiny Tim and need to get your hands on everything you can, here’s the official links! Tiptoe your way over to these and explore the grand impact he left on our world of entertainment!










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