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Merlins CEO Report For 2009 Is Now Available
12 Feb 2010

Merlins CEO report for 2009 is now available. Blue Pie is a proud member of Merlin. This great organisation protects the rights of its members and seeks out settlements with brands, corporations and other entities that may infringe on our copyrights. With settlements and payments being received from players like LAST FM and MY SPACE we are extremely grateful for the work that this organisation puts in day after day to negotiate better deals and rates for the independent global label communities.  The attached reports is a summary of the landmark year that Merlin has completed. With the positive resolution of our contentious and protracted negotiation with MySpace Music, the announcement by Spotify that Merlin content represented 10% of all usage on their service and the conclusion of our Sky and other deals, it certainly felt like the year in which Merlin arrived as a credible, tangible and permanent force, for both its members and the market in general. Membership with Merlin continues to grow and the year saw the market share increase with labels like Demon, Ministry of Sound, Victory, Dramatico, Righteous Babe, Because, Barsuk, Compass Group, Independiente, MBO and others joining the organisation as members. Click below to read the report.

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