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Metal Central TV goes live to the world!
18 Dec 2013

We are really pleased to be a part of this great new TV show called Metal Central TV.

You can check out all the latest clips at the MUZU site here!

Congratulations to Blue Pie’s very own Sydonia on the winning of the theme song license for the TV show. Over the coming months the show will be featuring some incredible artists from Aussie 60’s prog-rock legends “HeadBand” to Sydonia, Metalica, SilverMountain, GodHead, G-Zero, New Skinn, Burning the Day ( Canada Indie Band of the year 2013), The Twitch, Prophets of Doom, A Band Called Pain and a host of other leading metal acts.

The show will be focused on the global independent music scene, metal cultural and what is like to live in the world of metal music.

There will be documentaries, tour videos, live concerts from artists like SilverMountain as well as some incredible new features with interviews from the greats of the past to the legends who rule the airwaves now.

Check out the official website here! The show has already started to air on Samsung TV, Muzu TV, Windows 8, SONY TV and will be coming to a cable network near you very soon!

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