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Metal Central TV Season 1 raps up with Season 2 now in production. LETS ALL ROCKKKKKK !!!
09 Feb 2017

With Season 1 of Metal Central TV complete, now is the perfect time to binge-watch this involved showcase of the metal scene, featuring quality favourite bands such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, as well as emerging artist from around the globe, including Motorfinger and Star Assassin. High quality, spirited live footage, music videos, fascinating docos and tour vids all contribute to this rare offering for lovers of Metal.

Metal fans are among the most ardent but often poorly supported as a ‘niche’ area of music; Metal-related media such as Fuze TV’s Uranium or Metal Hammer Magazine can be short-lived or scarce, and emerging artists can struggle to gain exposure.

Metal Central is the perfect go-to collection of awesome, back-to-back tracks, good to peruse for your new metal fix or just to have on in the background, providing a spotlight for independent labels and new talent with a variety of metal styles and subgenres, including growling/clean vocals, Djent style chugging, classic rock compositions and more.

A solid collection of episode excerpts are available in HD on Vimeo. Check out some of these links, then head on over to the official website!

You can send your video for consideration for the show by emailing a link to and sending a YOUTUBE or VIMEO link. The team will get back to you generally in 48 hours.

Thanks to all the fans and more importantly the many artists and labels that are sending in their videos each and every day. We are here to ROCK the planet. Peace and Long Live Rock ……and may your ear drums only hear rock !!!

Vimeo Season 1 Links –
Episode 1 part 2:

Episode 6 part 1:

Episode 8 part 2:

Episode 11 part 5:

Official Links For Metal Central TV:

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